Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Flood Damage from Hurricane Matthew Brings Mold Issues into Focus

Homes and other structures damaged by flooding often develop mold problems.
While South Florida largely got lucky with the track of Hurricane Matthew, which approached the coastline with Category 4-strength winds and heavy rains, the region avoided most of the damage that the storm left in its wake further North. The deadly hurricane caused massive beach erosion along the coast, as well as terrible flooding. As people in affected areas begin the long process of recovering from the storm, many will unfortunately face problems with mold growths in their homes, vehicles and workplaces. Mold issues can sicken people as well as cause allergic reactions.

In parts of South Florida, people have to regularly contend with such issues due to tidal flooding and occasional torrential rains. Companies that perform mold removal miami services help homeowners, residents and businesses clean up mold caused by flood damage and other causes, eliminating potentially harmful mold growths from condos, houses, schools, office buildings, stores and other spots in areas like North Miami, Brickell, Hialeah, Aventura, Miami and Miami Beach.

The Carolinas suffered major flood damage as a result of the hurricane, and similar scenes of devastation could easily have played out in South Florida areas such as Fort Lauderdale, which already experiences flooding from “king tides.” If the flooding in Fort Lauderdale reaches great enough depths, it could inundate cars and houses among other structures in the city. If the flooding worsens due to approaching storms or climate change, mold remediation fort lauderdale services will become increasingly valuable as residents and businesses try to minimize mold damage, which can weaken structures and sicken people.

Top mold removal South Florida companies across the area specialize in quickly resolving mold growths and limiting the damage and harm that they can cause. Some provide free quotes for their services. People who have experienced water damage from storms or other events should act quickly to limit the potential harm from mold.

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